Everything about Converting PDF to DOTX Online

July 31, 2023756 views

We convert data into many formats to analyze and understand the presentation of different file formats. It happens when we try to edit and then send it to another device or user. Today I will show you some quick and easy converting tools for PDF and DOTX files.

Facts about Converting PDF to DOTX Online

What is DOTX File?

The template of DOTX is created by Microsoft Word. It is famous for its different layout and standard settings for Auto Text, toolbars, and macros. Where PDF is a multi-platform document and is created by Adobe Acrobat.

Is DOTX File Better Than a PDF?

DOTX file is used mostly to edit and open easily but the PDF file needs PDF supporting format system. DOTX file is accessible and readable better than PDF for the users. We send a PDF report to a PDF-supported device.

Which operating system Supports a DOTX File?

DOTX files can be opened in WPS Office and Microsoft Word windows, macOS, or any android version which supports windows. As it is a macro-enabled file so a safe office suite needs to operate this type of document.

Importance of Converting PDF to DOTX File

PDF files are often used to copy and share any report from one device to another device. The benefits of converting PDF to DOTX are many. some are given below-

  • DOTX file is much easier to read and text than PDF.
  • Converting to DOCX can be more secure to keep real size and formats.

Some Best Online Tools for PDF to DOTX



GROUPDOCS is a free document conversion, viewer, and merger app for Windows, and macOS. It has more than 100 file formats in Word, PowerPoint, and PDF. Multiple files can be converted with these tools.



Convertio is a good high-quality online converter and its results are highly satisfying for any user who likes to convert easily in a short time. It supports more than 300 input and output formats. From image to any file Convertio is the right choice for its fast and reachable features.



Filestar is a famous file converting tool for windows. Simply merge any document, audio, or video file formats. In Fileshare you can do anything with its inherent super fast snippet.

How to Convert PDF to DOTX Online Safely?


1-Open GROUPDOCS PDF to DOTX converter. Click the file drop area and upload a PDF file from your device.


2-Click on the convert now button and your PDF file will be converted to a DOTX file.


3-Download the resulted DOTX link file will open instantly.



You can use PDF to DOTX converter on a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. There are some differences between a DOC file and a DOTX file. Both came from Microsoft word but DOTX has macro enable document. So it needs a good operating system.


In this article, we saw some best online converters and facts about PDF to DOTX files. This will make your converting documents process easy. Now we refer to another best Office Word for open and editing any converting documents. It is considered the best compatible Office suite with Microsoft Office for its processor functions. WPS Office is available on Windows pc, macOS, Linux, and android. You can download free from the official WPS Office website.

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