Everything on Converting Dotx Files to PDF Online in 2022

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Microsoft Word uses files with the dotx extension as templates. These templates contain pre-formatted settings that can be used to generate docx files in the future. To have specific user settings that should be applied to subsequent flies formed from these, a template file is developed. This file is then used to create new files. The margins, borders, headers, and footers of the page, as well as any other settings, are included in these settings. These types of templates are utilized in producing official documents such as company letterheads and standardized forms. Here we hope to cover everything on dotx to pdf conversion.

The text-based dotx file format replaced the binary dot file format with the release of Microsoft Office 2007 in Windows 10, 8. However, the dotx file format is also supported by higher versions of Microsoft Office. Every new document you create in Microsoft Word will, by default, open as a normal.dot file. If the template file is altered, any new files that are produced will retain the same values as those found in the template file. The dot file format has been superseded with the Office OpenXML-based dotx file format in the most recent version of Microsoft Word, version 2007.

Additional Information

Word's default file format is docx, making it one of the most common document formats that can be opened and saved by word processors. Most computer users are familiar with this format, as it is the primary file type that Word creates. Templates are stored as dotx files, which are extremely similar to docx files in appearance but serve a different purpose. Text, styles, and graphics are all present in these files, just as they are in docx files. They contain the same amount of information. It is also possible for them to be password-protected, which helps secure the content of templates when numerous persons are opening them and making changes to them.


Users that need to produce many Word documents with the same formatting and content, such as resumes, business plans, or newsletters, will find it easier to work with dotx files, which can be converted to pdf. These files can be used to save time.

Word also comes with pre-loaded dotx templates that you can use to quickly generate documents with many page layout elements, fonts, and styles already in place. These templates can be found in the "Document" tab of the Word menu. If you want to personalize the document, you can easily open the dotx file and insert the new text you want to use.

Instructions for opening a dotx file

On Windows 10, 8 and macOS, the dotx file format can be opened with WPS Office online for free. WPS Office is the best option to download for opening dotx files dotx files which can be converted to pdf since it completely supports the formatting of Word templates, including text spacing, tables, and graphics. You can download the software and WPS PDF for free on mobile devices operating iOS and Android.

Other apps may be able to open dotx templates, but it is possible that they will not support the formatting of the dotx templates in their entirety. Apple Pages, Apache OpenOffice Writer, and WPS Office Writer are some instances of multiplatform word processing software (Mac). Apple Preview is a program that is included with macOS, and if you are a user of a Mac and you merely want to see a dotx file, dotx files which can be converted to pdf, you can use Apple Preview.

You can also upload dotx files to Google Docs, a free web and mobile tool enabling you to view, edit, save, and convert the document. Google Docs can be accessed via desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

How do I convert a dotx file?

It is possible to convert dotx files to other formats like pdf using a variety of word processors, including Microsoft Word, WPS Office (the best overall), Apple Pages, and LibreOffice Writer.


You can highlight, annotate, and type in text with WPS Office online and WPS PDF in 2021 and 2022. Dotx to pdf conversion is complete when you store it locally on your device or upload it to the third-party integration's cloud storage. You have complete control over the visual content.

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