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You may export docm files to pdf format online using a converter called docm to pdf. The content of the original docm file will be pared down to the finest of details by our free conversion service, and then it will be converted to pdf format, the intended destination.

The WPS Office, the best docm to pdf Converter, is available to download at no cost, whenever it is convenient for you, and from whatever device you choose in 2021 and 2022.

What are docm files?


Docm files are documents that were created using Microsoft Word 2007 or a later version and have the ability to execute macros. The ability to execute macros sets it apart from the docx file format, although the two share a similar appearance. docm files, just like docx files, can store text, photos, tables, shapes, charts, and other types of material. The option to execute macros makes it simple to save time by carrying out a set of commands in the form of actions that have been recorded to carry out a task automatically. This results in the task being finished quicker. Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions are required to open and edit docm files.

Opening a docm File

The most common software that can open docm files and modify them is Microsoft Word, particularly versions 2007 and newer of the program. If you are using an older version of Word, you can open, edit, and save the file by downloading the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. This will allow you to open the file in the older version of Word that you are using.

You can view and print a docm file even if you don't have Word by using the free Word Viewer program from Microsoft; but, you won't be able to make any edits to the file using this program. Using the free docm viewer that can be found on GroupDocs is yet another option for accomplishing this task online.

Docm files can be opened and edited with free word processors such as Google Docs, WPS Office Writer, OpenOffice Writer, and LibreOffice Writer, in addition to other free word processing software.

How to Perform a docm File Conversion

The most effective method for converting a docm file is to open the file in one of the editors described in the previous paragraph, and then save the file in a different format such as docx, doc, or dotm.

For instance, using the viewer provided by GroupDocs, it is quite simple to convert the docm file to a pdf format. If the document is currently open in Google Docs, you can use the File > Download option to select a different format to download it, such as docx, odt, rtf, pdf, or txt.

You can convert the docm file using a desktop application or an internet service such as FileZigZag, specifically designed to convert files for free. Because it is a website, FileZigZag requires that you first upload the file before allowing you to convert it. Can check the details here : How to convert docm to pdf

Can't open it yet?

The fact that none of these apps will allow you to open the file indicates that you have misread the file extension, which is the most likely cause. It is not uncommon for files to utilize extensions that are quite similar to one another; however, this does not imply that the formats are connected.

For instance, dco and dmo share a lot of similarities with docm. However, such extensions are associated with file formats that have nothing to do with Word. Before you can utilize either the Safetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive (DCO) or the Cube 2: Sauerbraten Demo (dmo) files, you will need to have completely different apps installed on your computer.

Online docm to pdf Conversion Tool

One of the most popular processes is converting the docm file to the pdf format. We frequently require both the functionality provided by the docm and pdf formats. In certain circumstances, the docm to pdf formats complement one another.

Convert files saved as docm to pdf format online.

You may quickly convert a docm file to pdf format by dragging and dropping it into the data upload box, selecting the desired conversion settings, and then clicking the "Convert" button. The converted pdf file will be available to you in a matter of seconds.

Free docm to pdf Converter is based on Aspose software solutions, which are extensively used throughout the world for the programmed processing of docm and pdf files with high speed and professional quality of the result. Free docm to pdf Converter is available for download on our website.


Docm files can be converted to pdf files online using the best overall WPS office or the WPS PDF software. A common workflow is using WPS PDF in Windows 10, 8, and macOS to convert a docm file to pdf format. Both the docm and pdf formats' capability is frequently needed. The docm to pdf conversions are useful in specific situations.

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