Best 6 PDF Reader for Windows (2024 Updated)

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A PDF reader is a tool that helps users read PDF file content, fill out forms, save PDF files for printing, and more. You might have encountered PDF readers as they are an essential tool for individuals and businesses. A question might be puzzling you about the best PDF reader for windows. The best PDF reader for Windows offers the best service, free availability of tools online, good customer support, and reviews. One of that software is WPS Office which comes with the above qualities.

Why would you need a PDF reader? That’s a good question. Whether you are a student, a business person, or a random individual, you need a PDF reader to read the content of PDF files and save them on your PC. From teachers to officers and business professionals, everyone uses PDF files. Below are some reasons for getting the best PDF reader for windows.

1. Data Security

PDF readers allow you to send information securely. You can encrypt your PDF files filled with confidential and personal information, which means only authorized people can access them. Further, PDF readers offer a format that makes editing difficult or impossible, preventing your data from being tampered with.

2. Widely Accessible

PDF files can be widely accessible. You can send files to anyone regardless of their device's software. It helps you share your work efficiently with a larger audience.

3. More Customizable

PDF files are more customizable than other document types. It allows you to change, make edits and do whatever suits you in no time without compromising on the quality.

Best PDF Reader for Windows

We never go for an average thing, then why should you choose an average PDF reader? We have recommended the six best PDF readers for windows (2023 updated) below:

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe’s free ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’ software is a powerful tool that allows you to access, edit, save, and do more with PDF files. The software offers powerful advanced features which make it essential for professionals. This software is designed to boost productivity and smooth workflow. If you are looking for a PDF reader with advanced features, this is the one.

Adobe Acrobat DC has a free version and a paid version. You can easily download, install and run the software on your windows. Further, you can upgrade from the free to the paid software version.

System Support

The software supports Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android operating systems. Moreover, the software requires a minimum 1.5GHz or faster processor, with a minimum of 1 GB Ram and windows 7 or later run on Windows PC.

Tips for Using

  • You can simply download the software from its website or other websites as it is easily accessible online.

  • Change the color, size, and type of fonts to what suits you best

  • Use the search function to search specific words, sentences, or phrases

  • Use the combine files feature to merge two pdf files

  • Protect confidential or personal information by password-protecting the file

  • Add comments, notes, annotations and highlight feature for your ease

  • Explore toolbar and menu for more features of the software

What We Like Most

We liked the Adobe Acrobat’s read out loud feature which reads your text for you. Besides, the software has some cool features that can help you in your work.


People have reviewed Adobe Acrobat PDF reader 4.5 / 5 out of 5. An Appstore reviews state about the software, “It's very useful as it secures all of my pdf files easily and with its easy to use document cloud I have all my files sharing facility available.”

2. WPS Office

WPS Office is a free software allowing users to use the products for Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and PPT Presentations, with a membership bonus for new downloads and registrations. Further, it has a PDF reader, which allows you to read PDF files. This software is not a regular tool but a dream software for professionals as you can make and open spreadsheets, presentations, word documents, and PDF files. Moreover, the software has great advanced features and up-to-date tools that are available on the web. The WPS Office is considered one of the best PDF reader for windows. The software has free and paid versions; you can easily upgrade from the free version to a paid one. The software has three versions; standard (free), premium, and business. You can have a look at the pricing here.

System Support

The software supports MacOS, Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android. It requires a minimum 1.5GHz or faster processor, with a minimum of 1 GB Ram and windows 7 or later run on Windows PC. Additionally, this software is lightweight, takes less space, and is easy to download on windows.

Tips for Using

  • Simply go to WPS Office, download, and run the software.

  • Check its diverse and advanced features.

  • Open or make Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, PPT, and Word documents.

  • Change the color, size, and type of fonts

  • Use the easy switch to use different types of files

  • Download free creative WPS Office templates.

  • Try the offline feature

  • Try the advanced team collaboration feature

  • Explore the menu for more exciting features

What We Like Most

We liked WPS Office’s readily available templates and tools and the easiness of downloading the multipurpose, secure, and productive software.


An Appstore review about the software states, “I have been using this wonderful app for quite some time, and the basic free version is sufficient for most of the jobs you need.”

3. Foxit Reader

Foxit reader is a great tool that allows you to read, create, edit, and share PDF files for free. Moreover, you can scan documents, open them in the software, and convert Word, PPT, and Excel documents to create PDFs. Further, you can merge multiples PDF files to make one. This software is similar to Google Docs and PDF readers.

System Support

To download the software, you need a minimum of 1GB Ram, 1.5GHz, and windows 7 or later. This software supports MacOS, Windows, IOS, and Android.

Tips for Using

  • Check out the indexation feature to locate your words and phrases

  • create, convert, edit, save, and share PDFs easily

  • Scan documents to convert them into PDFs

  • Merge multiple PDFs into one

  • Check out the menu bar for more features.

What We Like Most

Foxit is a good option if you create business pdfs or have confidential information, as it allows you to add passwords, encrypt digitally, and add signatures to files.


A software user writes on Appstore, “I found the searching index quite useful. App worth using.”

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is the most used and liked PDF reader as it is easy to use and accessible. Moreover, people use it to store their files in Google's cloud. You can convert Word, PPT, and Excel documents to PDFs. It’s an online software; however, you can use it offline too and share links to your files.

System Support

The software is online software; however, it has Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android apps so that you can work efficiently and comfortably. The software supports windows 7 or later and requires a minimum of 1GB Ram.

Tips for Using

  • Visit Google Drive, log in through your google account and enjoy converting and creating PDFs.

  • Check the software's various features and decide which one to use.

  • Change the fonts and size, add headings, highlight text, and more.

  • Use the word count feature to see the total words of the document.

  • Align your text, add hyperlinks, and locate the words/phrases using the find button.

  • Explore its menu for more features.

What We Like Most

Users can easily share documents through links. Moreover, users can choose how much access to give through the link. It has a user-friendly interface.


A Google Drive user writes, “I love google drive its a useful as I always thought for something to save my precious moments.”

5. Nitro Reader

The software is well known for its usability and advanced feature. The platform lets you review, create, edit, save, share, and even protect your PDF files. It’s easy-to-download software that is helpful for all types of work.

System Support

This software supports Windows and MacOS. You will need windows 7 or later, a minimum of 1GB RAM, and a good-speed PC.

Tips for Using

  • Simply download, install and run on your PC

  • Drag and drop the files to easily convert them into PDFs

  • Edit, review, and share them.

  • Explore the menu bar for more features

What We Like Most

Nitro Reader uses Quick Sign software to protect your files and data. It password-protects your data with signs; hence, you can create and share your files securely.


A Nitro Reader user states, “One of the best PDF editor that I have worked on.”

6. Javelin PDF Reader

Javelin PDF Reader is a simple software that lets you read and print PDF files. The software is small; hence, it is only used for reviewing PDF files, bookmarking, and highlighting them.

System Support

The software is freely available on Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android. Since it doesn’t take up much space, it can be downloaded easily.

Tips for Using

  • Download and run the software.

  • Launch files to view, highlight, and bookmark.

  • Take notes on the software

What We Like Most

If you want to take notes and bookmark pdfs, this software is a good option. Although it's very basic, it does work well.

FAQs on Best PDF Reader for Windows

Is WPS Office entirely free?

WPS Office standard package is completely free to use. Moreover, you can download free creative WPS Office templates for your work. WPS Office has a premium and business plan.

What is WPS Office PDF Tools?

WPS PDF Tool is software that allows you to view, edit, read, and collaborate online; hence, it is the best software for your PDF files. The WPS PDF Tool is highly recommended whether you are a student, teacher, or professional worker. Download yours here!

Learn More About the Best PDF Readers for Windows

Everyone needs PDF readers for work. You will need a good PDF reader for college, university, or professional business work. Below are some of the best PDF readers for windows. Some PDF software has advanced multi-purpose features such as WPS.

WPS Office allows you to convert several files to PDF and has many creative templates. Moreover, you can use Excel, PPT, Word under the same roof. Isn’t it interesting? Download yours now! It’s considered the best PDF reader for Windows in 2023, with multiple tools under a single roof. Get yours on the WPS Office right away!

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