How to Change PDF Font Size

July 31, 20231.4K views

No problem if you don’t, because I will tell you how to change PDF font in this article. Now sit tight and go through this article thoroughly as I have covered it all step by step. There are two ways of doing this with Free WPS office.


Offline method

To answer your query how to change PDF font size you need to download the Free WPS office.. This is the main screen you will see when you open the app. After opening the app, you will click on the “PDF edit”.


Then there will be a tab where you will select the PDF as below

When the PDF is opened then you will select the text from the PDF to change their font size.


You can see on the right the properties of the red colored text which I’ve selected

From this text properties dialogue you can change the size of the font of the PDF. If you are still confused how to change PDF font size in the Free WPS office. That’s the second row of the text properties dialogue box you can select from the drop-down bar or increase or decrease font size from the next two buttons as you like.


After the changes are done you can save the PDF by clicking on the second icon to the right of the menu.

Or you can go to the menu bar and click “save” if you want to overwrite the PDF that is already in your personal computer, or you can click the “save as” if you want to save the document in another document type separately.

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Free WPS office in a nutshell:

You may be thinking about why download an app for knowing how to change PDF font size and not doing it online. It is so because the “Free WPS office” is a user-oriented app and you’ll find it a lot helpful at times when you don’t have the internet facility available to you.

If you want to enjoy different features of this app, you can go to their website that is There they provide their services online and you can also download the app on your system. If you want to learn about this app other than how to change PDF font size, you can join the Free WPS office academy called WPS Academy on their website to know and learn features with videos.

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