How to Convert to PDF on Iphone in WPS Office

July 31, 20232.2K views

PDF is a well-known standard format for sharing files via email as your document looks just as original as it was written in the format, on any device and operating system. A PDF (Portable Document Format) is widely used because of its ease to handle what it stands for; Portable. You can open PDF files on any device and they retain their quality and formatting across all the devices.

So converting your photos and documents to PDFs in iPhone are helpful for sharing and storing too. This article will touch on the methods for how to convert to PDF on an iphone if you have any kind of files either documents or images. Most of the time we need to convert images to PDF or Word files to PDF. In this blog we will cover following topics;

  • How to convert Images to PDF
  • How to convert Word file to PDF
  • How to convert Excel to PDF

How to convert Images to PDF

Steps of how to convert Images to PDF

1-Download the WPS Office app on your iPhone and launch it.

2-Select your file by clicking on the “+” button.


3-Then click on the “Tool” icon with four tiny boxes.


4-Then choose the “Image to PDF” converter.


5-Add your image by clicking on the “select” option.


6-After setting it, click on the “save” button.


7-Choose a folder path and again choose “save option” to save your file.


How to convert Word to PDF

Steps of how to convert Word to PDF

1-Open The WPS Office App. Locate and open Your word file to be converted into PDF by clicking on “+” Icon.


2-Find the “menu” option comprising 4 small boxes and click on it.


3-From the menu list, click on the “File” option available there.


4-After choosing the “file” option, you have to look for the option “output as pdf”. After this your word or doc file will be converted to PDF.


How to convert Excel to PDF

Steps of how to convert Excel to PDF Online on iPhone

1-Search for “WPS Excel to PDF Converter” online.

2-Upload your excel file by clicking on the “Select Excel file” option to convert it to PDF.


3-After a few seconds of conversion. It will show “Conversion Succeed”. Now Download your PDF file by clicking on the “Download” Button and enjoy. For enjoying full features of WPS offline you can download WPS Office app.



Due to the iPhone's complexity of user interface, it's hard to know how to convert files to PDF. PDF is nowadays an all-rounder file format that works on many platforms as a transformation of data. To convert your images, pages files, word documents or excel sheets to PDF WPS Office is best for these kinds of conversions. You just have to download WPS Office on your iPhone, and start enjoying the free features available.

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