How to Crop PDF on Mac in 2022: Best Online & Offline Ways

July 31, 2023946 views

A PDF is one of the easiest and safest methods to share information, and this file format is widely used because it is a universally accessible document. These file formats are accessible on any device, either on MAC, Windows, or Android. PDFs are also among the most secure file formats that are not corrupted files when shared.

New users are always confused about cropping a PDF file format. Because a by default viewer of PDF files on MAC does not allow you to crop your PDF files easily, it is such an easy process to remove unwanted areas from PDF files quickly. Here, we will look at "How to crop PDF on mac" without any hurdles.

Finding the best tool that is most effective for cropping PDF files is a tough job. But sometimes, after getting the right tool, People are often unaware of cropping PDF documents on MAC.

Below are the best ways to crop PDF files on Mac for free.

How to Crop PDF on Mac using Wps Office Offline

WPS office is one of the best options to convert, edit and crop your documents. Using the WPS office in MAC, you can easily manage your work area without adjusting or moving windows manually.

A list of steps is given below:

Step 1: Open the WPS office application on Mac.

Step 2: Inside the WPS Office, Open the PDF document you want to crop.

Step 3: Click on EDIT in the Menu Bar, and select the CROP PAGE option.


Step 4: Start cropping the PDF file; you will see some optional settings like auto cropping, custom cropping, and page selection that you need to adjust accordingly.

Step 5: Click on the COMPLETE option to crop the PDF file, and the rest of the document will be abandoned.

How to Crop Pdf on Mac using Pdfelement Online for Free

PDFelement online tools make it easy to crop your PDF file on MAC. Before cropping your document, you need to install PDFelement on Mac. After the installation, Open PDFelement and follow the simple steps below to crop PDF files on Mac.

Step 1: In the main window, Open the PDF document that you have to crop.

Step 2: Once it's open, Click the "Tool" Tab and select the "CROP PAGE" option.


Step 3: Once the "CROP PAGE" option is selected, you will see a dialog box around your page; drag the dialog box to select the area you need to Crop the rest of the area will be dissected.

Step 4: Click the "APPLY" button to crop the PDF file

Final Words:

Cropping PDF files on Mac is extremely simple. You can use various applications and online services to achieve the expected results in just a few seconds. WPS Office is considered an extremely easy to Crop PDF document on mac and valuable for editing, managing work area, and converting documents.

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