How to Edit PDF Online Free with a PDF Editor

July 31, 20231.2K views

PDF is one of the most important and widely used types of document. A PDF format is used in the corporate field, where documents are sent electronically. This eliminates the need for papers as all the documents will be fill and will have a sign with the help of digital docs. There is edit pdf online free applications and websites where you can edit pdf online. 

As these applications and softwares cannot be used on mobiles and low-end PCs, there is a need for a PDF editor tool. Well, there are PDF editor tools available in website format. Using a PDF editor will make life easier for you as you do not have to use software to make changes. By using an editor to edit pdf online free, you can make changes, edit layouts, resize texts and insert boxes and other components. This will help to make changes and edit pdf online free without using any specialized software. 

When making changes to a PDF file, you can use an editing tool to split or merge it. We live in a world of paperless documentation. With the help of a PDF editor, you can edit pdf online free and add components of your choice. If you want to edit a PDF file, then you can do it on mobile itself. It is possible to make changes and edit files on mobile with the help of these tools. There are steps to be followed to edit pdf online free, which does not change even in the case of different PDF editors.

Here are the steps to follow to edit pdf online free with a PDF editor. 

Step 1: Choose the right PDF editor application or website

Firstly, an editor for a PDF file is to be selected to make changes. There are various options for PDF editors like websites and applications. As per your preference, you should choose which PDF editor website you want to use. The PDF editor should have all options to insert a file and make changes or edit. 

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Step 2: Drag down or select a PDF file

Once the right PDF editor is selected, you can start with choosing the file in which changes are to be made. You can browse through the files and choose the PDF file which is to be dragged down. The PDF file should be dragged down, and many editing options will appear. There are options to choose multiple PDF files and merge them to make changes in shape, size, format, etc. 

Step 3: Start editing

Now, you can start with the main motive for which all these efforts are taken. After selecting the files which are to be edited, you can click on edit, and manu options will appear. There are options to resize, cut, add more tables, font, color, shape, and many more. You can start editing according to your preference and make changes to the content which is added. 

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Step 4: Save and download

Now that all the changes and edits are done, you can move to the final step, which is saving and downloading. As all the changes are made and edits are done, you can click on save, which will make all the changes and save them in a PDF file. There will be no changes, and it will get saved as it is after it was edited using a PDF editor. After the PDF file is saved, you should click on download, which will download the edited PDF on your device. The file will be downloaded in PDF format, and edited content and changes will appear as it was. 

We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information.

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