How to Export PDF to Powerpoint Online and Offline for Free

July 31, 20231.7K views

PowerPoint slides are an excellent way of communicating the ideas, showing oneself, and marketing products. We may need to start from scratch while starting a new slide in PowerPoint, but there are possibilities of making the slides from existing sources, such as a PDF file, which may be used as PowerPoint resources. PDF files are often uneditable, which makes them excellent for keeping formatting. On the other hand, exporting PDF to powerpoint is not a simple task when required for any corporate, academic, or professional context.

When we need to export PDF to PowerPoint, a problem arises of losing the file quality and information. WPS Office is not an ordinary free PDF to PowerPoint converter software. It exports the PDF file to powerpoint without harming the original quality with a variety of other editable PDF conversions, scanned PDFs, and image-based documents, to support over a dozen output formats. The output quality is remarkable for such a lightweight software. It also has advanced premium editing features for PDFs and converts files with many options to customize the desired converted file. In this article, we will learn how to export PDF to powerpoint by touching the following topics;

  • How to export pdf to powerpoint Offline
  • How to export pdf to powerpoint Online

How to export pdf to powerpoint Offline

For exporting PDF to powerpoint offline you will need an offline converter. Best PDF to PPT converter is WPS Office built-in PDF to PPT converter. Follow the steps to convert the PDF to PPT.

Steps to export PDF to powerpoint Offline

1-Open your PDF file in WPS Office-PDF Editor.


2-Choose the “tool” tab from the menu bar.

3-Click on PDF to PPT converter.


4-After clicking on PDF to PPT offline tool, a pop-up will open from where you can customize your new PPT file.


How to export pdf to powerpoint Online

Online PDF to PPT conversion is the best option to save time. Fortuanty WPS has also online 24/7 available PDF to PPT converter.

Steps to export PDF to powerpoint Online

1-Search and find online PDF to PPT converter.

2-Upload your file by clicking on “select PDF file”.


3-After a few seconds your PPT file will be ready. Download your new PPT file.



This article has described the 2 best ways i.e. offline and online, to export PDF to powerpoint effectively. Apart from just exporting PDF to powerpoint, it also allows you to convert PDF to many editable formats like Word, Excel etc. WPS Office is available on all platforms like Apple store, google play store and Windows store. Download the WPS Office now

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