How To Get Xodo Free Key

July 31, 20231.1K views

If you are looking for a good PDF reader that can support your files in all your systems e.g Android, Windows and Mac then there are a lot of software, and tools available online. Xodo is one of them. Xodo free key is available for free download. It supports PDF files in the android version too. The best feature of Xodo is that it have no links for advertisement. From 2016 Xodo was completely free for their users but in August 2022 they have introduced a XODO pro package in which you subscribed to the application by paying some charges. Xodo is offering different discount packages for their customers e.g - Get free shipping on all orders above 49$ on all Xodo products - Get 20% off on all orders above 35$

Now you are thinking of downloading it. Wait for a second and read further. We have the best option for you that works better than XODO. The best PDF is that which allows you to perform all editing actions in one place and you don't need to search for the other one. And, that is the WPS office 2022 version that has all the features that Xodo lacks.

XODO free key VS Best WPS Office 2022:


Let,s have a look at some main features that a good PDF reader must have and Xodo free key lacks in them while the Best WPS suite supports them. - Xodo takes time to open while WPS opens within seconds. - In Xodo you have to spend time to find your required feature while in WPS office 2022 features are in such an organized way that you can easily access your desired feature within a second. - In Xodo, Ms file formatting is lost after conversion to PDF while the WPS office supports all the formats even after conversion. - When you are using the Xodo free key it crashes very often. It makes users get irritated easily while the WPS office is very user-friendly.

If you want to know which is more suitable for you, click here: WPS PDF VS Xodo PDF | An Overview

How To Download Best WPS office 2022:

Follow the following steps - Search for the URL address - Click on the download free button in the centre at the top of the window. - WPS suite is ready to use for a seven-day free trial.


Our Verdict:

WPS Office 2022 version is the one that you are searching for for a long time. It is user-friendly, takes less time and is very easy to understand. In case you are unable to understand any feature then you don't need to spend hours online just in search of how to use that one feature. Just open “WPS ACADEMY” and there you will find a brief guide to using any feature. So, download it and make your life easier. And yes, Give us your reviews so that we improve its features more.

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