WPS PDF VS Xodo PDF | An Overview

July 31, 20232.2K views

WPS PDF and Xodo PDF are PDF managing softwares with incredible features, meets the needs of a business better than others. But for feature updates and pricings, many users preferred the direction of WPS Writer over Xodo. In this blog, we will provide you the side-by-side comparison of WPS Writer vs Xodo PDF Editor, based on the features, disadvantages and pricing of each PDF editor, to help you decide which one is best for your business needs.

Inside Xodo PDF Editor

Xodo Pro is a business-focused document production program that automates PDF text editing, annotation, digital signature, sharing, and more. It may be installed on-premises and offers cloud support, allowing teams to interact in real-time with customers and colleagues. Users of the Xodo Pro free trial may scan and preserve signatures using a finger or a stylus to sign documents such as contracts, cover letters, and reports. It comes with a variety of tools for editing, annotating, saving, and sharing documents or PDFs, as well as performing activities like taking notes, underlining or highlighting text, inserting comments, photos, and shapes, freehand drawing, and more. To ease data sharing, Xodo Pro free trial includes connections with cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.

Xodo Pro Pricing

  1. $9.00 per month.

  2. $108.00 annually.


  1. Huge price tag compared to WPS PDF.

  2. Heavy software compared to WPS PDF.

Inside the WPS PDF app


If you love reading and editing PDFs on mobile, then try the WPS PDF app, the perfect app for reading pdf, taking notes, highlighting certain passages, searching, processing & editing pdf. WPS PDF app is the best choice to view, edit, markup & annotate pdfs. It is available on playstore as a separate app but you can also use it from the WPS Office app. 

The best part of this app is it is free to download and use except for a few features. It doesn't exhaust your device because of its lighter app size. Read PDFs by night reading Mode & optional display horizontally mode. A very fast pdf reading app, you can quickly open & read pdf in your phone in multi-tabs. It is available on all app stores and supports 40 languages. Its premium subscription is the cheapest in the market.

Here is a guide on how to download WPS PDF.


WPS PDF Premium version starts from 18.99 dollars. Some prices are outlined below;

  1. $3.99 per Month

  2. $18.99 per Half year

  3. $29.99 per one year


  1. Not all features are free.

  2. Require space otherwise crashes while dealing with multiple files.

Final Words

WPS PDF and Xodo PDF are well-known apps, vastly used for their amazing PDF editing, converting and compressing features. However Xodo is much more costly than WPS PDF. This gives WPS PDF an upper hand over Xodo PDF. Initially WPS PDF app got fame because of PDF editing when it came as a built-in app of WPS Office. But now it is available as a separate app. Download the WPS PDF now and  you will experience some outstanding PDF features that you never did before.

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