How to Remove Background from PDF on iPhone for Free in 2022

July 31, 20231.3K views

Pdf is a file format, which we use for viewing, reading, and printing documents. Usually, the background of a Pdf document is a solid color and oftentimes is white, but there are some of the pdf documents that have colorful backgrounds or images and watermarks. You can easily change and remove your pdf document background easily If you want. Here you will know about the easy way to remove the background from PDF on iPhone for Free.

Remove Background from PDF on iPhone With PdfElement:

PdfElement is a Pdf editor application that provides multiple pdf tools for working with documents, if you want to remove background from a pdf, PdfElement is best for you for this purpose. It provides Pdf background remover at a reasonable price and also you can use its free trial. Here is the easy way to remove the background from the pdf.


  • Firstly go to google and Seach “PdfElement”, and open it.
  • Then press the download button, and after downloading, install it
  • After that open it on your device, and upload your pdf file by pressing the button ”import file”.
  • Then click “Edit” on the top bar and press “background” then click on edit background.
  • After that a new dialog opens, there you have two options, one is to edit and the second is to remove the background.
  • For removing the background tap cross "X" button.
  • Now you can save and share your pdf easily with transparent background.


If you Don't Have PdfElement You Can Use WPS Office:

If you are a person who wants to remove background, but you don’t have a PdfElement pdf editor or any other pdf editor, so WPS Office is best for you. It is one the best pdf editor which you can use as an alternative to PdfElement, the reason is that it provides an easy and high-quality pdf editor tool that does your work fast and effectively. Not only WPS provides you editor, but also if you use it you can get various pdf solution tools, like a pdf scanner, converter, annotator, reader, and much more.

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Is WPS Office Available for Windows Free:

Yes, WPS Office is available for windows for free and also you can use it on all devices including Android, iPhone, Mac, and Linux free of cost.

Final Words:

Written by MaWriter. The writer of this article is an expert article writer, who has much experience writing about the solutions related to pdf. If you implement the steps which we provide you in this article, your problem will solve easily. WPS Office is the best pdf editor that provides you with all the quality which you have a need for making work effective. It is available at a reasonable price and if you download WPS Office now, you can get access to a 7-day free trial without using a credit card.

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