How to Remove Watermark from PDF on iphone for Free

November 14, 2022 |

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How to Remove Watermark from PDF on iphone for Free
In this article, you will learn:
  1. Converting PDF File To Word with the Help Of EasePDF

  2. Removing the Watermark from the Converted File

  3. If You Don't Have EasePDF

  4. A Jackpot!

If you have a PDF file that contains watermarks it could be a little distracting for you to read and concentrate. We are here with a solution for you on how to remove watermark from PDF on iPhone for free. 

Converting PDF File To Word with the Help Of EasePDF

You can use EasePDF, it is an online software and it's easy to use. Follow the steps listed down.

  1. Download EasePDF on your iPhone.

  2. Open the app.

  3. You need to convert the PDF to word to remove the watermark. 

  4. For that, tap on PDF to word on the home page.Then tap on add files.

  5. Tap on the convert button.It will convert the PDF file to word.

  6. When the conversion is finished, tap on the download button. The file will be saved on your phone.

Removing the Watermark from the Converted File

Follow the steps listed down:

  1. You can open the downloaded word file in any word editing software like Microsoft word.

  2. Then click on the watermark and press delete from the keyboard.

  3. If the watermarks are present on the whole document then go to page layout, click on the watermark in the drop-down then choose to remove the watermark.

  4. The watermarks will be removed and you will get a clean document.

If You Don't Have EasePDF

If you don't have EasePDF you can still convert your PDF file to word and remove the watermark. You can use WPS Office for that purpose. You can use the converter in WPS Office to convert your PDF file into word and then you can use the writer software in WPS to remove the watermark. Besides that, WPS Office has a lot more amazing features, keep on reading if you to explore more.

  1. WPS Office Suite has a WPS Writer that allows users to edit, read, process, and manage PDF files easily.

  2. WPS Office supports all platforms including Android and iPhone, so working on PDFs using a mobile is no longer a problem.

  3. WPS Office has a WPS academy for its users to tackle all issues one can face while processing a PDF file. Business plans, work summaries, routine schedules, daily tasks, resumes, CVs, PPTs, documents, and excel sheets can be made using WPS Office.

  4. WPS Office supports all image formats.

  5. WPS Office has WPS PDF Converter that can convert files to and from PDF in the blink of an eye.WPS offers pre-made templates.

  6. WPS gives a free trial for a week.

A Jackpot!

WPS Office has so many fascinating features. Isn't it? Why don't you explore more by downloading it? You can use the link attached below to get a free trial for a week on Windows 10 and it doesn't even require a credit card.

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