How to Remove Watermark from PDF on Mac for Free

July 31, 20232.4K views

You have received a pdf from your colleague with watermarks and want to remove it. If you are a Mac user then how to remove watermarks from a pdf on Mac for free is not a time-consuming task as Mac has a build feature to remove watermarks from a pdf. Just follow the steps on your Mac to answer your question about how to remove the watermark from the pdf on Mac for free.

  1. Open the pdf in which you want to remove the watermark.

  2. At the top of the page, you will get the option Tool. Click on that.

  3. Now click on the Remove watermark button. A pop-up window will appear with a notification asking to remove the watermark permanently. Click on the Yes button.

  4. Download your new pdf with the removed watermark.

This is the built-in tool for Mac. But how would you feel if we tell you about software that is helpful in many pdf editing tasks rather than how to remove watermarks from pdf on Mac for free? Sounds good? So let's move toward that office. And that is the  WPS Office.

Features of WPS Office Besides Removing Watermark:

  1. WPS Office is a complete package to edit any PDF file.

  2. It offers page, font, images, and page numbers editing tools.

  3. It is very user-friendly.You can convert your pdf into any format of your choice by using this amazing software.

Impressed? Because besides how to remove watermarks from a pdf on Mac for free, it is offering many other tools for your PDF. So, Download it now by following our guide.

A Download Guide For WPS Office:

  1. The first step is to visit the WPS office website

  2. Then, click on the Download Button.

  3. Run it on your Device and use it.

A Free Trial Of this Complete Package:

WPS Office is a complete package and this complete package of wonderful features is available for a seven-day trial without any credit card for its windows users. No other software is giving such a credit-free trial with unlimited editing tasks. As it is not only for how to remove watermarks from pdf on mac for free, rather it is offering many other features mentioned above.  So, why search for another one while having this complete package of WPS office? Download it now to get your 7-day free trial and benefit from its amazing tools.

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