How to Send PDF from Iphone for Free

July 31, 20231.7K views

The ability to share files from your iPhone helps keep things flowing while you're out of the office or on the go, in this increasingly digital environment. PDF has become a professional format for sharing business and confidential documents. It should be emphasized that PDF files are the same on all devices, regardless of the platform the receivers use.

There are millions of iPhone and Android users worldwide. As a result, transferring files from iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone is extremely frequent. There are several occasions when you will need to transfer PDF from iPhone to Android or vice versa. You will learn quickly how to send PDFs from iPhone to other smartphones by following a few simple steps. In this blog we will cover the following topics;

  • How to send PDF from iPhone using files app
  • How to send PDF from iPhone using WPS Office app

How to send PDF from iPhone using files app

You can send your PDF file through “files” app via a different messenger or mailing app like Email, Gmail or Whatsapp.

Steps to send PDF from iPhone using files app

1-Go to the files app.


2-Locate your PDF file.

3-When you find your PDF, Click on the share icon from the bottom left corner.


4-Select share option, choose a method whether you are sharing your PDF via email or whatsapp etc.


How to send PDF from iPhone using WPS Office app

One of the best ways to handle your file on an iphone is the WPS Office app. You can open, edit and send files on the iPhone using WPS Office.

Steps to edit and send PDF from iPhone using WPS Office App

1-Go to the files app and locate your file. [See above section’s pics for more info]

2-Click on share icon, then choose WPS Office app.

3-When a file is opened on WPS Office, you can edit and make changes.

4-Now click on the share option at the bottom of the screen. Select more to see more sharing options.



5-Choose a mailing or messenger method to send PDF.



Sharing and handling files on an iPhone has never been a simple and easy task. You can quickly share PDF from iPhone using the default “files” app but for more editing and making changes in PDF you will need an all-in-one app i.e. WPS Office, which is totally free. Download the WPS Office app now.

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