Top 5 Websites Offering Free Car Bill of Sale Template PDF

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In today's rapidly accelerating automobile market, finalizing a car sale with a comprehensive bill of sale has become paramount. However, the task of constructing an appealing, yet formal, car bill of sale can often be a daunting endeavor for buyers and sellers alike. So, where can you find templates that make this process smoother? Look no further! In this article, we've identified the top five websites offering free, easy-to-use car bill of sale templates in PDF format, designed to perfectly fit your needs. So, gear up and read on to make your car transaction experience a breeze.

Where to Find Free Car Bill of Sale Templates?

1. Eforms

free car bill of sale template pdf

When it comes to sourcing top-notch, ready-to-use car bill of sale templates, Eforms sits comfortably at the top of our list. Not only does Eforms cater to a broad spectrum of users' needs, but it also provides an array of options to choose from.

You can have their best car bill of sale template pdf here.


  • User-Friendly Interface and Easy Navigation

The Eforms platform is built with usability in mind. It boasts a user-friendly interface that enables users to easily navigate and find the appropriate templates. This aspect significantly reduces the time spent searching for the right format, making it a favorite for individuals who value convenience and simplicity.

  • Broad Template Selection

One of the significant advantages of Eforms is its wide variety of car bill of sale templates. No matter the specificity of your needs, Eforms is likely to have a template that suits you. This variety ensures that you won't have to settle for a less-than-ideal document format.

  • Regular Updates and Reviews

In addition, the Eforms team routinely updates and reviews their templates, ensuring that users are always accessing the most current and legally compliant forms.


  • Limited Customization Options

While Eforms offers a plethora of template options, it falls slightly short in terms of customization. Users may find the options for personalizing these templates to be somewhat limited. Therefore, if you are looking for a highly customizable template, you may need to look elsewhere.

Best for:

Eforms is ideally suited for individuals seeking a simple, straightforward platform offering a wide variety of ready-to-use car bill of sale templates. Its user-friendly design, easy navigation, and regular updates make it an excellent choice for those who prefer standardization and efficiency over high customization levels.

2. WPS Office

WPS car bill of sale template pdf

WPS Office, renowned for its versatility and comprehensive suite of office applications, is another credible platform where users can find a selection of car bill of sale templates. The service extends beyond just the provision of templates – it's a fully integrated office suite where you can edit and print your chosen templates, allowing for a streamlined documentation process.

Located at WPS Car Bill of Sale Template, the platform offers a concise selection of car bill of sale templates.


  • Variety of Formats

WPS Office stands out due to its versatility in offering templates in multiple formats including PDF, Word, Excel, and PPT. This feature allows users to select the format that best suits their needs.

  • Full Functionality

The full functionality of the WPS Office cannot be overlooked. Users can download, edit, and print templates directly from the platform, offering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

  • Cloud Saving

WPS Office's cloud-saving feature offers the flexibility of working from anywhere. You can start a task on one device and finish it on another, promoting productivity and convenience.

  • Free Access

Despite its sophisticated features, WPS Office offers free access to its templates, making it an affordable option for users on a budget.


  • Limited Template Choices

WPS Office, while versatile in format options and functionality, offers a limited range of car bill of sale templates. Users who require a wider variety may find this aspect a bit disappointing.

Best for:

WPS Office is best for users looking for a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just providing templates. The platform is ideal for those seeking versatility in format options, the convenience of editing and printing directly from the platform, and the flexibility of cloud saving.

3. TemplateLAB

simple car bill of sale template pdf

TemplateLAB, a site renowned for its simplistic approach toward document templates, merits a notable mention in our list of top sources for car bill of sale templates.

The site's car bill of sale template pdf key offering can be accessed at TemplateLAB Bill of Sale for Car. Here, users can browse through the assortment of templates, each designed with simplicity and clarity in mind.


  • Hassle-Free Document Preparation

TemplateLAB puts simplicity at the forefront, presenting templates that are clear, concise, and easily printable. With the added benefit of detailed instructions and guidance, users can easily navigate through the document preparation process.

  • Clear and Straightforward Templates

At the core of TemplateLAB's offerings are its clear, straightforward templates. These reduce the complexity of the process, making it simple for users of all experience levels to understand and fill out the forms.

  • Printable and Ready to Use

TemplateLAB offers the convenience of printable, ready-to-use templates. This means you can immediately print the forms and fill them out, saving you precious time.

  • Detailed Guidance

TemplateLAB provides comprehensive guidance on how to fill out the bill of sale form. This instruction helps eliminate guesswork, ensuring that every field in your document is correctly filled out.


  • Limited to Word Templates

One potential drawback to consider with TemplateLAB is the limitation in format options. Most of the available templates are in Word format, which may not be ideal for those who prefer working with PDFs or other file types.

Best for:

TemplateLAB is ideally suited for users who value simplicity and straightforwardness in document preparation. The platform’s offering of clear templates, easy printability, and step-by-step guidance makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a hassle-free experience in crafting their car bill of sale.

4. ESign

printable car bill of sale template pdf

Coming in at number four on our list is ESign, a platform widely recognized for its comprehensive array of both generic and state-specific bill of sale templates.

A visit to ESign Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale provides a glimpse into the platform's extensive offerings, designed to meet the legal requirements of different states.


  • Generic and State-Specific Templates

ESign stands out with its provision of both generic and state-specific templates, accommodating users across various geographical locations. This wide range ensures that users can find a template that meets their specific state's requirements.

  • Professionally Designed Templates

Each template on ESign is professionally designed and easy to understand, ensuring that users have a smooth experience when filling out their documents.

  • Guidance on Legal Requirements

ESign goes the extra mile by guiding the legal requirements for each state. This feature is particularly useful for users who are not familiar with the specific laws governing vehicle sales in their jurisdiction.


  • Limited PDF Availability

While ESign offers a robust selection of templates, some of these may not be available in PDF format. This limitation could be a potential downside for users who prefer working with PDFs.

Best for:

ESign is an excellent choice for users who require state-specific car bill of sale templates. Its offerings are designed to be professional and easy to understand, with the added benefit of guidance on legal requirements.

5. Opendocs

Opendocs free car bill of sale template pdf

Rounding off our list is OpenDocs, a service that excels in providing an assortment of sample bill of sale forms for reference.

The core offering can be accessed at OpenDocs Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, which showcases a range of templates designed for different states.


  • Variety of Sample Forms

OpenDocs provides a multitude of sample bill of sale forms, catering to a wide range of user needs. This variety ensures that most users will find a template that matches their specific requirements.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

OpenDocs offers detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fill out their forms. This guidance simplifies the process and helps users avoid common mistakes, ensuring accuracy in the completed documents.

  • State-Organized Templates

A unique feature of OpenDocs is its organization of templates by state. This feature makes it easy for users to find the form that is most suitable for their specific state's requirements.


  • Limited Customization Options

While OpenDocs excels in providing a variety of templates and state-specific forms, it does fall short in terms of customization options. If a high level of personalization is a priority, users may find OpenDocs somewhat limiting.

Best for:

OpenDocs is best suited for users who appreciate the organization and prefer forms that are specific to their state. The platform's offering of various sample forms, detailed instructions, and state-specific organization makes it an excellent resource for those seeking an efficient, straightforward documentation process.

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How to Customize a Bill of Sale Template?

To customize a bill of sale template, you will need suitable editing software and a chosen template. In this context, we'll use WPS Office and a template from their selection as our tools of choice.

Before we begin, it's crucial to understand that a bill of sale is an important document used in transactions to transfer ownership of goods from a seller to a buyer. It should contain relevant details like the names and addresses of the parties involved, a description of the item, purchase price, date of sale, and any warranties or conditions associated with the sale.

Here are the steps to customize a bill of sale template using WPS Office:

Step 1: Select a Suitable Template

Select a Suitable Template

Go to the WPS Office website and choose a bill of sale template that best suits your needs. There are various types of templates available to cater to specific business needs.

Step 2: Customize the Template

Customize the Template

The template will have placeholder text in various sections. You can replace this with your information. Some of the details you should include are:

  • Seller's Name and Address

  • Buyer's Name and Address

  • Description of the Item Being Sold

  • Purchase Price

  • Date of Sale

  • Any Warranties or Conditions Associated with the Sale

Step 3: Review and Print or Download

Review and Print or Download

Once you've customized the template to your liking, review the document to ensure all the details are correct and properly formatted. When you're satisfied, download or print out the bill of sale for both parties to sign.


Q1: Is A Handwritten Bill of Sale OK?

Yes, a handwritten bill of sale is acceptable and legally binding, as long as it contains all necessary information to protect both parties involved.

Q2: What Paperwork Do I Need to Sell My Car Privately in California?

To sell a car privately in California, you'll need the title, smog certification, transfer forms, an odometer reading, valid warranties or as-is documents, and maintenance records.

Q3: Does Ohio Require a Bill of Sale?

No, a Bill of Sale is not legally required in Ohio for selling a vehicle. However, it is recommended to create one to avoid potential issues during the title transfer and registration process.


Having a comprehensive car bill of sale is integral in finalizing a car transaction. Platforms like Eforms, WPS Office, TemplateLAB, ESign, and OpenDocs offer free, reliable, and easily customizable car bill of sale templates. These platforms cater to various user needs and preferences, from detailed guidance to state-specific forms, to ensure a smooth and efficient documentation process.

For customization of car bill of sale template pdf, WPS Office is the best tool. Its versatile format options, comprehensive suite of office applications, and cloud-saving feature provide a holistic documentation solution, thereby simplifying the process of customizing your car bill of sale.

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