Best Pdf Converter App For Android Smartphones

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WPS Office - PDF Converter App For Android

Do you mess with all kinds of document files such as PDF, Word, Epub or MOBI on your android smartphone and you don't know how to open them? If this is the condition, you will need a PDF converter app to convert all kinds of documents to a format that every android phone can recognize. A PDF Converter app for android can convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Ebook, XPS, HTML, Pages or Keynote to PDF file. And also, it can convert PDF back to Word, PowerPoint, Epub, HTML, JPG, PNG or TIFF. Additionally some Converter apps can split, merge or compress PDF files, add or remove PDF passwords and restrictions.

WPS Office’s PDF Converter can do all of this offline, and online as well. But if you want to convert it online, you will need an internet connection to run some conversions. Comparatively there are more functions available in offline apps. We recommend the WPS PDF Converter app if you only need an offline app for converting PDF. WPS Office app has much smaller size and it is optimized with fair conversion speed. This blog will discuss the best app, its features and how to convert PDF and other files on it.

Features Of WPS Office’s PDF Converter

  • Before converting, crop and rotate pictures
  • The picture chooser is significantly quicker than the previous version, especially when there are thousands of photographs to select from
  • To reduce app download size, It removes extraneous graphics and fonts
  • Offline Webp to PDF conversion
  • More offline operations are available: extract images from PDFs and convert all PDF pages to a single picture
  • More offline features include: converting PDF to pictures, splitting PDF, merging PDF, compressing PDF, locking PDF, unlocking PDF, and rotating PDF
  • A serious bug that might cause the app to crash, has been fixed.
  • More document formats, such as Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, are now supported
  • In the offline converter, the option to utilize picture size
  • Downloading, installing, and using the software is completely free
  • There is no further charge unless using premium features
  • You only need a few clicks to complete your file conversion
  • Online and offline PDF conversion from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Ebook, XPS, JPG, and PNG files to PDF and vice versa
  • Online or offline, you can split, combine, compress, lock, unlock, or rotate PDF files
  • Offline PDF conversion of JPG, PNG, or GIF pictures
  • Offline PDF to JPG, PNG, or WEBP image conversion
  • Convert scanned Word documents to searchable PDFs or editable Word documents with the help of OCR

How to download the WPS Office or WPS PDF app

pdf converter for android-2.png 1. Visit the official webpage of WPS to download the WPS Office app or WPS PDF app. It is free to download and use, no sign in required like others.

pdf converter for android-3.png

  1. When downloaded, click on the setup to install it on your system. Remember WPS PDF app or WPS Office App is available separately for windows, Mac and androids.

  2. When installed, follow the steps below to convert your PDF file into a word format.

How to convert PDF on WPS Office app

For converting PDF online, visit the page to access a plethora of online PDF tools on WPS website. Convert your file by just drag and drop. pdf converter for android-4.png

For converting offline, simply launch the WPS Office and open the 'PDF to Word' tool from the tools option in the "Special Features” section of the top menu OR open WPS PDF app pdf converter for android-5.png

  • Just drag or open the PDF file from your local file storage pdf converter for android-6.png

  • Then, click on the "Start" button to begin conversion, and the newly created, editable file will be opened automatically after it is converted. That’s it!

Please note that the free version of WPS PDF to Word only allows to;

  • Convert PDF document upto 5 pages
  • Convert only 5 documents at once

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