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PDF Xchange Editor is a free, fast, and efficient tool that offers a variety of editing features for PDF files. It is possible to create PDFs without a license, but the output PDF files will have a watermark. PDF Xchange will help you to create, edit, annotate and digitally sign PDF documents. You can also generate PDFs using OCR (optical character recognition).

Suppose you have several pages and want to scan them into a single PDF document. You can scan Pages using PDF Xchange Scan App with some simple steps. The pages you scan become separate PDF documents that must be merged to create a single document.

Scan Pages using PDF Xchange Viewer

Below is the step-by-step guide to scan Images to convert them into PDF documents.

Click the file in the top menu bar, Go to the New Document option, then click From Image File in the submenu. After that, you will see an Image dialog box will open.


Once the Image dialog box is open, Click on the Import button. It will open the Scan dialog box.


Click on the Scan option. As soon as the scan is complete, the scanned document will appear in the New Document from Images dialog box:

After that, you must repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the desired scanned pages are displayed in the New Document From Images dialog box.

Once the entire process has been completed, click OK to combine the listed documents into one PDF file.

Scan Pages Using PDF Xchange Editor

Below are step-by-step instructions for scanning images or pages using PDF Xchange Editor.

Click on the Convert Tab on the top menu bar, Click From Files and then select the From Image Files option in the submenu. The image to PDF dialog box will appear.


Once the Image to PDF dialog box is open, Click Import. You will see the Scan Properties dialog box.


Click the Scanner menu to select the scanner.

Click the Data Transfer Method menu to choose an option, either Native Mode or Memory Mode.

The Show Native UI box is default selected, meaning the device driver's user interface is used. This is the most authentic option, and the scanner selects specific parameters: Color Mode, Resolution, Paper Size, and Source. You can customize these options by clearing the Show Native UI box.

You can scan a page using the Scan option, and the image will be added to the PDF dialog box.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all pages are added to the list.

The Options button in the Image to PDF dialog box determines the settings for the final document.

Click OK to combine multiple pages into a single PDF.

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Best Alternative to PDF Xchange Scan Application

Scanning pages using the PDF Xchange editor is not entirely free; it contains some paid features you need to buy before scanning the page. WPS Office is the best option to scan multiple pages and convert them into a single PDF document for free. It also allows you to edit, manage and convert PDF documents to improve work performance.

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