Pore Over how to write or create monthly report in PowerPoint 2022

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Monthly reports are integral to monitoring a project or brand’s growth and helps in making the content strategy. When it comes to sharing the previous month’s results with your boss, other teams, or clients, it can be hard to know what to include. Don't worry this blog will guide what exactly you need to write. Unlike proving the detailed spreadsheet or tracker, higher authorities need a high-level overview of what you have worked on, what didn’t, along with whether you’re hitting your goals or not.

In other words, a monthly report should be detailed enough to get you a cachet, yet streamlined enough to keep it engaging. You can write the monthly report after choosing a lucrative report template. With this, highlight the most important metrics, key learnings, and wins. This blog will answer the queries regarding how to write or create monthly reports in powerpoint in 2022.


What to Include in a Monthly PowerPoint Report

A monthly report is a factual overview of 30 days performance, might be for a website or a project. For example you are doing SEO for a website and your client requires a report on what you did in the last 30 days. To get all those efforts regarding how the website content is performing across multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok, will be presented in a formal form, called a monthly report. These reports should be clear, precise, and include relevant and true insights about everything you’ve posted.

Depending on your goals, information presentation in your monthly report will vary. However, most of the time, include the following metrics in your monthly powerpoint report:

  • Number of blogs published, reach, engagement, clicks, impressions, sales and their month-over-month percentage increase or decrease.
  • Best performing blogs of the month
  • Success, challenges, and opportunities
  • How effectively did your strategy work?
  • What was the audience response?

Steps To Create Your Monthly Powerpoint Report

You can make the report after choosing any report template. After that insert the relevant data. For advanced templates use the WPS Office presentation app. If you want to make your own report’s design and formatting then follow the tips below;

  1. Switch the slides orientation to portrait and 11 by 8.5 inches.
  2. Choose a catchy background for the entire presentation.
  3. Use simple, clean and consistent fonts.
  4. Write in bullets to make reading easier.
  5. Provide only essential information only and use keywords to guide the reader/listener through the presentation.
  6. Use direct, easy and concise language.
  7. Provide definitions in the introductory section, when necessary.
  8. Make slides in logical order so the reader could better judge the scenario.
  9. Proofread the report.

WPS Office - Write the monthly Powerpoint Report with Amazing Templates

Designing reports in the form of a presentation is a complex process that will only get harder as PPTs get more complicated for many people to present professionally and attractively. In this situation, the free WPS presentation report templates come into action; you can download these excellent ppt report templates free of cost from the website and use them from the WPS Office app, which might help you include your audience and understand their issues. Download the WPS Office app now.

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