WPS Office VS Microsoft Office | Which is Better?

July 31, 20233.0K views

Microsoft Office and WPS Office, both are office productivity softwares that are often used by students and office workers. Microsoft Office is also available as Microsoft 365, a paid office suite with the industry standard. The tools MS Office offers are more suitable for an experienced user who's doing a lot of in-depth work.

Alternatively, WPS Office is a free office suite, offers a more surface-level version of the same tools, making it more suitable for someone doing simpler work for free. Although some features cost you a limited price, it is best for  someone who just wants a simple word, presentation, Excel and PDF editor to mess with office documents. It includes countless menus and features of a professional-grade office suite.

Comparison in Pricing


Microsoft Office is a subscription-based office suite, offers a variety of packages depending on the number of accounts linked to it and the level of features you are subscribing to. MS Office pricing starts at $8.00/month per user.

On the other hand, As of pricing, WPS Office is free to download and use, but some features require monthly or annual subscription. Subscription packages in WPS Office depend on the number of accounts regardless of features. WPS pricing starts at $3.99/month per user.

Comparison in Softwares and Tools

Depending on the primary needs of an office suite, one built-in app could make or break your workflow regardless of all other factors. So it's wise to start comparing what you get with each office suite.


Microsoft Office comes with a variety of productivity built-in apps. In addition to the main three apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it also contains Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access. These all apps are compatible with one another and work seamlessly together; directly copy Excel graphs and Publisher designs into PowerPoint slides without converting the formats.

WPS Office comes with a more modest offering. Its main apps are similar to that of MS Office, that are Writer (Word), Presentation (Powerpoint), and Spreadsheets (Excel). But the additional apps which make it stand out are a built-in PDF reader and editor. This makes it the ideal choice if you're only looking for an office suite to write or create daily office documents like PDFs.


Comparison in Supported Platforms

Microsoft Office is available for both desktop and Mobile applications; it is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can use Microsoft Office having different operating systems.

Similar to Microsoft Office, WPS Office is also compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, but additionally, it is also available for Linux.  Surprisingly, WPS apps are available separately on play store and windows store.

WPS Office Additional Features

Free Cloud Storage

After making a WPS Office account using any email address,Google or Facebook, you will get 1GB of free cloud storage. It allows you to backup your files in real-time and sync them with other devices using the same WPS account.


The team's feature is the most effective feature WPS has, a simple way to share and submit files and tasks with your remote team. It helps you and your team members stay up to date projectwise.


WPS Office offers countless templates for its productivity apps, also casual templates for personal occasions such as wedding invitations and letters and professional or formal templates for office work such as reports and gantt charts.

Download WPS Office and enjoy your 7-day free trial now~

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