WPS Presentation VS Microsoft PowerPoint | What is the Difference?

July 31, 20231.9K views

When comparing Microsoft PowerPoint vs WPS Presentation, many office workers recommend Microsoft PowerPoint. In the question“What is the main difference between WPS presentation apps  and MS PowerPoint?” Microsoft PowerPoint is recommended for Windows users but still charges a heavy price for getting the app and also utilizing its premium features while WPS Presentation is  available for free for all operating systems including iOS and linux. 

The most important reason people chose WPS Presentation is that it comes with tons of free templates found within the program. Also you can convert Powerpoint to PDF and a PDF to PowerPoint format. Also compress the Powerpoint file,which is not available in MS PowerPoint. However this Blog will discuss the key features of each through which you can select either one as the Best.

MS PowerPoint


Key Aspects

  1. Because PowerPoint is so common, a lot of free templates are available within the program and online.

  2. PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation app by office workers with a simple interface.

  3. Due to Microsoft origin, it provides excellent integration with Windows systems.


  1. Weak at handling animation-heavy presentations in slide shows. Adding too many animations might cause it to slow down on older versions; more complicated animations might not work efficiently.

  2. Huge price tag.

  3. Not free to install.

WPS Presentation


Key Aspects

  1. WPS Presentation allows to import or export PowerPoint files to and from a certain file such as picture to xls and vice versa.

  2. Only App to make presentations on Linux OS with a Ribbon-like UI for better ease of use, also you can use a classic drop-down menu style UI, you can.

  3. Encrypt and lock your presentation through passwords.

  4. WPS will automatically save your document over time to prevent data loss, when you mistakenly close the files.

  5. WPS Presentation app can play with files in more than 40 languages.

  6. WPS presentation is free to download, install and utilize for most presentations. Still you can purchase premium plans for more advanced features.


  1. The WPS presentation app is not compatible with importing or exporting OpenDocument Format such as formats of LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Final Recommendation

This blog has illustrated the best features and flaws of both presentation editors, WPS Presentation and MS PowerPoint. After which, the final recommendation is WPS Presentation because it is free to download and easy to make presentations with advanced features like OCR, compressor and converter. If you want to know how to convert pdf to ppt, click here.

On the other hand, MS Powerpoint does not provide its services for free and also apps cannot be downloaded for free. MS Powerpoint is not available for iOS and Macs on the App store and for Linux OS. MS Powerpoint is only recommended if you are using Windows laptop or PC but with a high price tag. WPS Presentation is the only presentation editor available for free on all app stores such as google play store, iOS apple store, Windows app store and Linux. Download the free WPS Office app now to utilize its built-in Presentation app to make a beautiful presentation from free templates. Click here to get your 30-day free trial on WPS Office.

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