How to Add Watermark in PDF

July 31, 20231.5K views

A watermark is a word or image that, like a stamp, appears either in front of or behind the content of an existing document. For instance, you could add a "Confidential" watermark to sites containing private data. Multiple watermarks can be added to one or more PDFs, but each one must be added independently. The page or range of pages on which each watermark appears can be specified. EasePDF provides the Add Watermark tool if you need to easily accomplish the task of adding a watermark back to the PDF file.

Here are the simple steps you should follow.

Step 1.  Navigate to "Add Watermark" and add the PDF file you desire to add watermark.

Step 2.  Depending on your needs, decide whether to add a text or image watermark. A toolbar is supplied, and you may use it to change the watermark's state. Next, choose "Save PDF."


Step 3.  When EasePDF provides the "Download" icon, hit it and the PDF with the watermark added will be downloaded offline.

How to make your PDF confidential with a watermark:

Step 1

Go to PDF on Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Step 2

Click on ‘Tools’. ??65.png

Step 3

Select ‘edit PDF’.


Step 4

Click the arrow located close to the watermark to select ‘add’. At this stage, the watermark dialogue box will be displayed.


Step 5 - At the top of the dialogue box, click on ‘text’ and click inside the text field to type ‘confidential’. - Make use of the ‘fonts’ and ‘size’ fields to adjust the settings. This also includes paying attention to the style.


Step 6 Go to the ‘appearance section’ and make use of radio buttons. This will display how the text lettering will appear on the pages.


Step 7 - Adjust the ‘opacity’ to enable access to the PDF document. - Go to the appearance option and choose when the confidential stamp should be made visible and how it should be displayed on the pages of the PDF. - Click on ‘page range’ to select the pages that should contain the confidential stamp.


Step 8 - Click on the ‘save settings’ to save the watermark for future purposes and references. - Make use of ‘preview’ on the right to ensure that the text stamp is displayed according to your desires. - Click on ‘ok’.


Note: If you notice you made a mistake while using the watermark, you only need to click on ‘remove’ on the watermark option to get rid of the mark.


In conclusion, watermarks are translucent emblems that are used to identify the person who created a PDF by displaying their identity. Watermarks are crucial because they safeguard and secure the information found in papers. Their significance cannot be overstated. As their name suggests, confidential watermarks are excellent for hiding information that you do not want other people to see or print. You may use some simple tricks using WPS Office to apply a watermark to your PDF file. It is a one-stop shop for all of your issues.

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