How to Crop Pages in PDF For Free 2024

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Sometimes we receive a PDF file composed of different size pages; this way, to give consistency to the document, we can crop pages to the same size. Crop pages in PDF is a process of removing unwanted content from the edges of the file, adjusting some parts of the page to focus on specific content, or changing the page dimensions. Various online and offline crop PDF page tools are available in many PDF Editing software such as Adobe Acrobat, WPS office, and Sejda online.

Here, we’re going to explain the whole procedure of “How to Crop Pages in PDF “using these software. So let’s get started!

1. How to Crop Pages in PDF Using WPS Office

WPS Office is an all-in-one document editing software that, along with arrays of other functionalities, can also be used to crop PDF pages. To Crop PDF pages in the WPS office, follow the below Steps.

Download and Install WPS office software for windows PC or mobile devices. Launch the software and open the PDF file in this PDF editor. Once the PDF has opened in the WPS PDF editor, go to the “Page” tab in the upper horizontal bar and click the “Crop Pages” option.

A new Window with a page preview will open; go to the margins tab to specify page margins or directly use the cropping handles around the page to select the area you want to focus on or keep in your document. Select the area carefully; when satisfied with your selection, click “Ok” to apply changes.

If you want to crop multiple pages, then repeat this same process for individual pages until you’re done. In the end, Press “Ctrl+S” to save the changes.

2. How to Crop Pages in PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Online

Adobe is top-of-the-list PDF editing software that can crop, annotate, edit, spit, and merge PDFs. Follow the below list of actions to trim a page in PDF using Adobe’s online PDF editor:

Go to the Adobe Acrobat Online PDF editor and sign in for free to access all its tools. In the Tools section, visit the “Edit PDF” tools and hit the “Crop PDF” option.

The “Crop a PDF “window will open with a “Select a File” option, browse and open the file whose pages you want to resize.

A rectangle cropping handle will appear around the page you want to crop. Drag the handles from the corners or sides of the page until you get your desired page size. Double-click inside the cropping rectangle, and a set page box dialogue will open, showing the page measurements. In this dialogue box, you can adjust measurements accordingly. If you want to crop multiple pages at a time, select pages in the page range option or hit select all pages to apply measurement to the whole document. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, click “OK.”

3. How to Crop Pages in PDF Using Sejda PDF online

The sejda PDF editor online is an excellent option to crop PDF pages according to your desire. For cropping PDFs using this tool, you can follow the below step-by-step procedure:

Open your favorite browser and search for Sejda PDF Online and open it. From the list of all tools, navigate to the “Crop” tool. Click on this,it’ll redirect you to the Crop a PDF” page. Hit the “Upload PDF files” button, select and open a file in this editor’s window. It’ll give you 3 options, choose the “preview pages & select” option and hit “Continue”.The page preview will open in blended form, with cropping handles at the sides; drag the handles till your desired size to all changes to all blended pages. To crop individual pages, select the “page by page” option, set your measurements and hit the “Crop PDF” button, and download the file.

Using Tips

👍You can add trim marks/crop marks to a PDF to indicate where to crop the PDF to a desired size.

👍If you’re cropping a page to change its dimension, then always keep an eye on the aspect ratio of the page.

👍 Don’t forget to save a copy of the original file in case you want to revert changes.


1- Can I use the WPS office’s Crop PDF pages tool for Free?

WPS Office provides a 7-day free trial period to use this tool; after that, you must purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to this PDF module to use this fantastic feature.

2- Can I crop all pages of a PDF?

Yes, Use the batch processing feature available in different tools to crop multiple pages /all pages simultaneously.

In this article, we’ve left no stone unturned to assist you rightly with “how to crop pages In PDF.” In a PDF file, you can crop pages to remove unwanted text, adjust margins, focus on a particular area, or change the aspect ratio. Various PDF editors are available for this purpose, but WPS Office is the best and recommended option. You can download WPS Office to create pages in PDF for free and enjoy convenient document editing.

Happy Editing!

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