How to Crop Image in PDF

July 31, 20231.2K views

You can proportionally resize an image using the image editing tools, or you can just change the height or width. You can use the crop tool to permanently remove detail from the edges of photos. There are numerous justifications for cropping a photograph. You might need to resize your canvas, crop your image, or change the composition and focus. You may occasionally want to trim off a background distraction or add additional vertical or horizontal emphasis to the photograph. Fortunately, Photoshop has a variety of options for changing an image's aspect ratio, canvas size, or subject alignment to better follow the rule of thirds.

A PDF picture can be cropped in a variety of ways. Using EaseUS PDF Editor is the simple method for performing this task on a PC. As an all-purpose PDF tool, it is consistently regarded as the best. It functions as a PDF converter, reader, and creator in addition to being an editor. You may perform all forms of PDF editing with this program, including trimming PDF images and eliminating images, merging files, signing documents, and applying watermarks.

Steps to Crop Image in PDF

Step 1. 

Download, install, and open EaseUS PDF Editor on Windows. And click "Open Files" to upload PDF image. Now, choose "Edit" and then press "Edit Text & Images".


Step 2. 

Select the image that needs to be cropped. Right-click this image and press "Crop".


Step 3.

 Hold the image from a corner and crop it as required. After that, click "Save as" and select the file destination according to your choice.



In both your personal and business life, you frequently need to crop a PDF image with many other editing features. To crop images in PDF files, you need a dependable, effective, and speedy editor for Windows and Mac. This manual teaches you how to crop PDF images correctly. Choose WPS Office if you're a Windows user! It is a PDF converter and editor in one.

A horizon or a tall skyscraper are examples of images with exact lines that can be difficult to completely straighten. Use the Straighten tool in these situations to delicately alter the cropped area and fix crooked angles. To acquire a precise crop, simply select the Crop tool and press the Straighten button in the control bar. You can also use it to encrypt or decrypt a password-protected file so that you can edit it. You can also rotate, crop, erase, or reorder the pages in your PDF. Additionally, you can convert PDF to JPG with this tool. WPS Office offers you a wide variety of tools.

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