Tips on How to Crop PDF

July 31, 20231.4K views

How to crop PDF?

PDF is a common format of documents that cannot be edited easily. On the other hand we know that PDFs are easy to transfer, print, manage and they don’t occupy extra space. At certain times, there is a need to edit a PDF file or we want to delete a part from a PDF document when we encounter something that is not necessary for the file. It is clear that PDF files are easy to send and are compatible with all platforms but what to do if you want to delete a part of a PDF page? Here we are, sharing the simplest way on how to crop PDF using the Free WPS office 2022 tool. Let’s get into the steps!

Visit the website

First, you have to write the URL i.e on the search bar and go to the official website.


Download WPS Office

On the homepage, click on products and you will see many options to choose from. Click on download WPS Office.


Install WPS office

After downloading, install the Free WPS office 2022 and launch it on your device.


Open the Free WPS office 2022 tool

Once launched, open the WPS office, drag and drop the PDF file you want to crop or you can open it by clicking on open PDF.


WPS Office homepage

When the PDF document is opened, on the homepage, you will see many options like add text, insert pictures, split page, header and footer, background, attachment, and link in case you want to add a link in your document. Then on the insert page, you can add pages, page numbers, and a text box, you can also highlight a word or sentence.

Furthermore, in the tab bar you will see the comment, edit, page, protect, and most important tools in which you will see some options to convert your PFD document into word, picture, PPT, or Excel, etc so basically all in all Free WPS office 2022 gives you all the tools you need to get the best results in a document.


Methods of cropping

Now you have your PDF file opened. You can crop the file using two different buttons including the first one from going on to the edit button and the second one by going on the page button on the tab and clicking crop page.


Crop setting

After clicking on crop page click on auto cropping when the dots appear, now you can manually drag and drop the dotted line and WPS Office can also automatically select the cropping location as per-page content. For more accuracy, you can choose custom cropping and can set page size and margin. In page selection, you can select the range of pages to crop, you can choose all pages, even pages, or odd pages as per your requirement and click complete.


Save the document

Now you know how to crop PDF simply by using the Free WPS office 2022 tool so it's time to save the edited file, click on the menu in the tab and click save as, to save the edited file.



You see! In no time, you learned how to crop PDF using the Free WPS office 2022 tool and you are good to go! One of the best things about the Free WPS office 2022 is that you can access it online as well as offline, although it offers more features online. Download WPS Office on your device and enjoy hassle-free working. Let us know your thoughts about these features!

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