How to Mirror Image in PDF

July 31, 20231.7K views

If there are any images in your PDF file that you want to mirror? But you might have observed that not all PDF editors can mirror images in PDF if you've ever tried. However, we have discovered one tool that makes replicating an image in a PDF really simple.

Mirroring PDF files is a chore that professionals who frequently keep important documents on their PCs or laptops must perform. Depending on the situation, one can mirror a PDF file in its entirety or only a selected section. You will need the proper software, such as UPDF, Adobe Acrobat, and internet utilities, to mirror PDF.

Steps to Mirror Image in PDF

To mirror a PDF image file with UPDF Editor, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Enter the Editing mode

Press the "Edit" button in the top toolbar or left sidebar after opening the PDF file. The editing tools will be shown for both options.


Step 2: Mirror an Image File in PDF

When you choose the image, a purple border will be visible. For editing the image, several icons are visible. You can choose the symbol labeled "Rotate."


Alternatively, you can rotate the image using the mouse's right-click button. 



How to Mirror PDF Online?

You can edit your PDF documents using software that you can download from the Internet, but you can also use the free online services offered by many businesses, like Adobe Acrobat, Smallpdf, and others.


There are several options available in WPS Office for customizing the images on a PDF document. It may also be used to alter and customize the text and pages of the document in a similar manner. Some of the characteristics that make it the greatest PDF program available include the ones listed below:

  • It is incredibly user-friendly. Because the program's interface resembles a word processor, even a novice may easily traverse it and locate all the necessary tools.
  • You can use it to quickly create a WPS Office. Any document, in any format, can be opened in WPS Office and converted to a PDF.

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