How to Use a PDF QR Code Generator to Protect Your Files?

July 31, 20233.8K views

Adding QR codes to your PDF files is all the rage in 2023. It lets employers or clients receive all the information through online channels by scanning the QR code.

Amazing, right? If you’re wondering how to use a PDF QR code generator, read this guide, where we will teach you how to do it using the WPS PDF office.

Why Use WPS Office to Use PDF QR Code

WPS office is the best application for tasks like editing or converting files, including Word, PPT, PDF, and Excel.

  1. WPS is free.

  2. WPS is easy to use.

  3. Clean interface.

We will show you how these three points are fact-based while learning how to use a PDF QR code generator through the tutorial below.

Steps to Generate QR Code for Your PDFs

To use the WPS PDF online QR generator, you will need to install WPS Office. You cannot do this task offline, so an internet connection is important.

Step 1: Edit PDF

Go to the WPS office homepage and click ‘PDF’ to access its toolkit.


Click ‘Edit PDF’ and upload your PDF file.

Step 2: Select PDF File

When you click the option for edit pdf, you’ll also get the chance to upload your PDF files.


Click ‘Open,’ and the file will be ready to edit.

Step 3: Insert QR Code

You will need a QR code image to generate a QR code for your PDF file. Download a copyright-free QR code picture from the internet and upload it in your PDF file. Click ‘Insert picture’ to upload it.


Click Open.

Step 4: Resize the QR Code Image

The QR code image will be free in size and you will have to resize it as per the requirement.


The QR code will be ready to use once its resized and positioned.


Learning how to use a PDF QR code generator and using it through WPS is a simple task.

Choose WPS Offie to Protect Your File

You can instantly add a QR code to any of your PDF files after learning how to use a PDF QR code generator. It’s even simpler when you are using a robust application like WPS. It is free to download, and you can use it on Windows, Mac, and smartphones.

Since you have now witnessed that this application is user-friendly, you can use it anytime as it’s also time-saving.

You can download your version for the WPS office through this link and comment about your experience with it.

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