1. What is Office Suite?
2. 4 Key Benefits of Office Suites
3. 5 Best Ways to Download Office Suites for All Versions
4. Free Trial and Premium of Office Suites
5. 2 Best Ways to Get Free Trial and Discount of Premium
6. Features, Services and Apps of Office Suites
7. Office Suites for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web and Linux
8. Recommended Top Free 15 Office Software for PDF

1. What is Office Suite?

Office suite is a collection of software designed to help users deal with documents of different formats with great productivity and complete both complex and common tasks on various devices and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. People can create and edit their documents for free, work with data and make presentations. Check more info of Office Suite: All-In-One Free Office Suite


Generally, an office suite contains three basic programs, namely, a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation program. Different suites have their own ways to call the three programs. Microsoft Office, for example, labels them as well-known Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. WPS Office, on the other hand, describes them as WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet and WPS Presentation. In addition to basic three programs, some office suites also introduce some new components. For example, the Outlook and Onedrive provided by Microsoft Office and PDF Software pre-installed in WPS Office. Popular office suites except Microsoft Office and WPS Office, also include LibreOffice, Google Workspace, FreeOffice, etc.

Most of current office suites provide both free and premium version for their own products. Users can complete their common tasks in dealing with documents with free version, and premium will give them access to more value-added features. In 2022, a lot of office suites now have achieve cross-platform operation by developing apps for different devices and platforms, which can be downloaded for free.

2. 4 Key Benefits of Office Suites


  • All Best Tools are Available to Help You Work More Efficiently

In addition to the basic word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool, office suites also provide different functions and programs to help users to work more efficiently, such as:

  1. Cloud Service

    Many office suites provide free cloud file storage solution for users such as OneDrive of Microsoft Office, WPS Office.

  2. PDF Solution

    Some office suites also develop tools designed to help users work more efficiently with their PDF documents. WPS Office, for example, allows users to read, edit and convert their PDF documents in the suite, which is already preinstalled in it. 

  3. Share and Communication

    Most office suites have made it possible for users to share their documents with others and collaborate on them.

  4. Templates

    Some office suites also provides a wide range of templates with different formats. People can find free templates like tables of different types or resumes in them. Here are possible templates you may need: Free WPS Office PDF Resume Templates and Samples.

  • Available Anywhere and Anytime

Most of these office suites have developed versions for different devices and platform. No matter what devices you are on, mobile, laptop or desktop, the programs of the suite are always available to help you. Cross-platform and cross-devices applications are free for users to download them. Productivity can be ensured on different devices, in different places and anytime both online and offline.

  • Easy to Use

The applications provided by these office suites are designed to be user-friendly. Almost everyone can download them for free and start their journey of promoting productivity and efficiency at once. Even if they would like to experience more advanced features, complete and comprehensive official support is available for them anytime.

  • Updated Features:

These office suites will keep users up to date with the latest improvement and new features (WPS PDF Updates 2021 and 2022) of their products. Much importance has been attached to the demand of users, which ensures that they can get a better user experience and enjoy more new features.

3. 5 Best Ways to Download Office Suites for All Versions

  • Official Websites:

The most common way for users to download an office suite is through the download page from its official website. Take the download page of WPS Office for an example, users can find the download links of different devices including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, and then download them for free with just one click. Downloading from official website for free can ensure the security of users and they can also get access to the latest version here. 

  • Free Software Download Sites:

In addition to the official websites of each office suite, free software download site is also a good choice for many users. Free software download sites tend to introduce the basic information of the software beside the download link. 

What’s more, people can see the reviews, comments and rating from other users, which can help them to learn more about the office suite. Also, some download sites also allow users to download the older versions of the software, which may be not possible in official websites. 

However, given the great number of free software download sites, the security of the download links may not be ensured due to the potential malware loaded in some of them. Some popular and safe download sites include as follows: FileHorse, PCWorld, WinningPC, Ninite, Softonic...

  • Google Play

Google play is the official platform for Android users to download apps they want for free. Users can browse and download applications through just one click. People can find the updated features, data safety, ratings, reviews, download times, and other useful information. 

  • App Store

App Store is an app store platform developed by Apple where users can browse and download certified applications for their iPhone, iPad and Mac. People can also view the basic information, ratings and reviews, screenshots, events, app privacy, and other similar products of this application. Through just one click, users can download the office suite for free without any worry about security.

  • Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a digital distribution platform operated by Microsoft in which Windows users can search, browse and free download the app they are looking for. Detailed information about the software including description, screenshots, ratings and reviews will be displayed on the page. People can download it for free with a quick and simple click.

4. Free Trial and Premium of Office Suites

Almost all office suites have provided a free version for their users to download and use, through which people’s demand on handling common tasks of different documents can be met with no doubt. Click here to know your WPS pricing plans. You can click the button below to directly install WPS Office for free trial!

7-day Free Trial for WPS PremiumDownload Now

  • Features of Premium or Pro Version in Office

In addition to the basic free components or programs provided by office suites, various advanced and value-added features and tools in premium or pro version have been designed and developed to enhance the user experience to a higher level. Microsoft 365, for example, provides a large cloud storage of 6 TB and many other premium apps including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Editor, and Microsoft Family, which are available for up to 6 people to download and use across multiple platforms and devices.

On the other hand, WPS Office also provides some superior value-added features for its premium users such as PDF editing and conversion of various file formats. 

  • Price and Plans for Different Groups of People

Different office suites have introduced specific pricing for their premium or pro version according to different groups of people. There are 3 common pricing plans for premium subscription on Office Suites targeting individuals, business, and education.

  1. Premium for Individuals and Teams

    Premium for individuals and teams is the basic plan of premium and pro version provided by office suites. People can choose the way they would like to pay for it, including monthly, half-yearly, and yearly payment. Most of current office suites support automatic renewal of subscription, which can be canceled anytime. Different office suites have respective price for their premium plan. WPS Office Premium, for example, charges $29.99 per year, while Microsoft Office Premium charges $69.99 per year.

  2. Premium for Business

    Premium for Business is a subscription plan suitable for organizations who have higher requirement on security, features, and services. Many office suites adopt the way of contact sales to decide the final price according to the scale and specific demand of each company or organization.

  3. Premium for Education

    Premium for Education refers to the plan for qualified teachers and students, through which they can get a discount to subscribe. Given the fact that teachers and students are two main groups who depend on office suites, this plan is expected to greatly boost the productivity and efficiency in both teaching and studying.

5. 2 Best Ways to Get Free Trial and Discount of Premium

Before making the final decision on whether to become a member of premium or pro, users can take a free trial in different ways. A free trial of one certain period can help them experience all value-added features and tools in advance. They can decide whether to subscribe after fully immersing in the services. There are 2 common best ways for users to get free trial and discount.

  • Official Websites:

Almost every office suite will provide a free trial for its premium or pro version. The free trial provided by different office suites may have different period. Some of them provides 7-day free trial, while the others may provide 14- or 30-day free trial. What’s more, official websites will also introduce promotion activities like discount, giveaway, free license, free key, coupon code, etc during some important festivals and time including Christmas, Thanksgiving days and the back-to-school season. Here is WPS Office free key for you.

  • Download Sites:

In addition to official websites, people can also find the download link of different office suites from some special download sites providing one-click way to download them for free. Users are able to obtain more comprehensive and objective information about the office suite they are interested in, including the basic information, user reviews, ratings, comments, etc.

What’s more, some download sites will collaborate with the office suite to introduce some exclusive discount and promotion activities for users who download it from the site. They may provide an opportunity of free trial that lasts longer than what the product provides in its official website, or some exclusive free license, free key, giveaway and coupon code. Some popular and safe download sites include: WinningPC, Softonic, Uptodown, Filehorse.

6. Features, Services and Apps of Office Suites

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  • Word (Writer)

    The word processing software in office suites lets users create, read, edit and share their doc files quickly and easily for free on different devices and platforms.

  • Excel (Spreadsheet)

    Spreadsheet software in these office suites makes it easier for users to handle their data, charts or tables for free in data analysis, accounting, fiance and other different fields with efficiency. 

  • PowerPoint (Presentation)

    The presentation program in office suites will help users to create excellent slideshow presentation with music, graphics and charts for free.

  • PDF

    The PDF software assists users to read, create, edit, organize, split, merge and convert their PDF documents for free to boost efficiency. WPS PDF on Windows is really convenient and efficient for you. 

  • Other Apps and Services Provided by Different Office Suites:

        1. Microsoft Teams

         A powerful tool designed for video conferencing.

        2. Microsoft Outlook

         An efficient email app providing access your email, files and calendar.

        3. OneDrive

         A file hosting service operated by Microsoft.

        4. WPS PDF Tools

         All pdf tools are available in one place for free.

7. Office Suites for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web and Linux

  • Windows:

    Windows is the main platform for most users of office suites. In order to meet the demand of users on different Windows systems, developers have introduced various versions for different systems including the latest Windows 11, Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

  • Mac:

    Office suites also work well with a version specially written for Mac. Users can still get the access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other apps and services on their Mac just like on a PC.

  • IOS:

    For iOS users, they can also download corresponding versions of office suites in the official app store on their iPhone and iPad devices for free.

  • Android:

    Users can visit google play to download the apk version of different office suites for free.

  • Web:

    Now, many office suites have developed the free online web version of their products to help users with more efficiency. Users don’t need to download anything. They only need to open their browser and sign in the online web for free.

  • Linux:

    Not all office suites introduce free version of their products for Linux users. For example, the commonly used MS Office is not available on Linux. Most Linux users, instead, will choose WPS Office or LibreOffice


8. Recommended Top Free 15 Office Software for PDF

We will be introducing Top 15 office software for PDF updates. Our editors will share the features, premium, pricing, free trial, devices, download, reviews, updates and other useful information about the office suite to help you learn more about it.