How To Convert HTML To PDF Online For Free 2022: the Best Ways

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HTML(Hypertext markup language) is a language that is used to design websites and save web pages from the internet. PDF(Portable document file) is a document file that consists of text and images.

A web page can be saved in the HTML format for sharing purposes with other users, but it's not a fruitful way to share the HTML file because it may miss a lot of features. To maintain the original HTML file feature, you should know " How to convert HTML to PDF Online '' ,so that you can share your file across any platform without disturbing its formatting.

Here we’re going to share a list of tools to convert HTML to PDF online for free.

How To Convert HTML To PDF Online Using Conversion Tools

Plenty of tools are available in the market to convert HTML files to PDF files. These tools are lightweight and easy to use because of their interface and simple working.

Two best online conversion tools are discussed below:

How To Convert HTML To PDF Online Using Sejda

Sejda is a free tool that converts HTML files to PDF files. This tool offers online and offline conversion of HTML to PDF.

Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Open the window, go to a browser and search “sajda HTML to PDF converter online” .

Step 2: Open the website, click on the “Convert URL to PDF” button, and in the 'web address,'

paste the URL of the Website that you want to convert, and click “Convert HTML to PDF”


Step 3: After some processing, a new window will appear; click on the “Download” button to start downloading.


How to convert HTML to PDF online using pdfcrowd

Another HTML to PDF conversion tool is pdfcrowd. It's a free tool that offers a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use features.

Here is the list of a few steps to follow for conversion of HTML file to PDF file:

Step 1: Open the mac, iPhone, or Windows; go to the browser and search pdfcrowd online HTML to PDF converter..

Step 2: In the pdfcrowd interface, you'll see a box; you need to paste your concerned website link in this box and then click on the “convert to PDF” button.


Step 3: You'll see a popup in which two options are available, “Download | Open”. Select the one that suits your needs.


Final Verdict

A number of HTML to PDF online converters are available with minute interface differences, but similar working. Just jump on the bandwagon and select the top result on your browser.

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