How to Link a PDF in HTML

July 31, 20231.2K views

If you are a developer looking for a complete guide on how to link a pdf in HTML, Cheer up! We got your back! This article will help you learn how to link a pdf in HTML. Not only this, but I’ll share a platform where you can generate the pdf link that you can use in your HTML code. Have you heard about the Free WPS office 2022? No? Don’t worry then! Get your coffee, take a seat and read till the end to learn how to link a pdf in HTML using the WPS office!

How to link a pdf in HTML?

If you want to add a pdf link to the HTML code of your website, you will need a tag with href attribute to insert a link into the HTML code. Now, you must be thinking about what a tag is.

tag is a tag that is used to define a hyperlink in the code. This tag is used with an attribute called href attribute. So, if you want to direct your website visitor from one page to the other, you will need to insert the link in tag in your code.

How to get the PDF link to insert in HTML?

You have learned about how to link a pdf in HTML. Now the question is, where to get the pdf link to insert in the HTML. The Free WPS office 2022 is an incredible tool that will help you generate the PDF link. The following steps must be followed to get the PDF link that you can use in your HTML code.

1-Open your pdf in the Free WPS office 2022.

2-Click on the Menu option in the top left corner and then hit on the “Share” option.

3-A popup will appear on the screen asking you to create the link to the pdf. Click on the “Create Link” button to continue.


4-Now choose the link access settings. You can choose from “anyone with the link can edit” and “anyone with the link can view.”


5-Click on the “Copy Link” option to copy the link.


Ta-dah! Now that you have got the link to the pdf, you can use it anywhere you want!

See how simple it was to learn about how to create a pdf link using the Free WPS office 2022 and how to link a pdf in HTML. Now, don’t forget to share with your friends who are struggling with the same question!

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