Details about WPS Word Editor App

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About WPS Word Editor App


WPS editor is an open source document editing tool which is very useful to edit the word documents without having pricy word software. WPS Office is a combined tool which supports all the office outlook tools like excel, word and other office related softwares but their names are changed only. You can get this software for free and there are some ads which have to be removed by purchasing a very fair plan. WPS Office is a very useful software which can be installed both in mobile and computer.

Wps Word Editor is the best documentation writer where we can prepare our office presentation, documents, excel sheets. These doc files (WPS Word editor files) can easily be opened in Microsoft office too, it has the best fonts and a very similar interface to MS office. The best feature of the WPS Word editor app is that you can open multiple tabs on one screen whereas in MS office you have to open each file in each tab for comparison. It will be very difficult to make the workflow in MS Word so WPS Word editor app is the best option to work fluently. Click here to know more: All about WPS Word Reader and Editor

Features of WPS Editor app

WPS Office’ Writer gives you a handful of unique and amazing features that can enhance your workflow, such as

  • efficient cloud integration
  • ability to convert PDF to Word
  • exporting the document to a picture
  • picture to text, making backups
  • inserting watermarks
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office
  • Spell checking
  • Eye Protection Mode
  • Convert Word documents to PDF
  • Tabbed interface
  • Built-in PDF converter
  • Office-like
  • Word Processing
  • Convert URL to DOCX
  • Student Tools

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  • It is easy to export created documents to PDF
  • WE can easily and directly share it to email, Whatsapp, FB
  • We can easily add tables, pictures, photos from albums, handmade drawing, text box , shapes etc
  • An enlarged viewing area available as the toolbar is hidden cleverly
  • We can set colored backgrounds as per need
  • We can even translate the created document in the desired language by just one button click
  • Spell check is also available to avoid grammar and typo errors


  • Mic import/connection is not available to convert speech to text
  • Only 5 colors are available for drawing
  • I personally found it difficult to set custom margins as there is no precise ruler or scale
  • Limited fonts are available in the free version, you have to purchase a subscription for more.

Wrapping Up

WPS Editor app (Writer), is a built-in app of WPS Office, a trustable and fast word processing software that is highly compatible with Microsoft Word , and can read and edit DOC and DOCX formats. This allows you to freely transfer your office files of .doc or .docx formats between Microsoft Word and WPS Editor app (Writer). WPS Editor app is also available for Android and iOS tablets and phones. You can comment in WPS Writer documents. And also, the voice search features make WPS Writer stand tall in the row of best Word processors and editors. Download the WPS Office OR WPS Writer app now.

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