How to Resize PDF Best Online and Offline Methods 2022

July 31, 20231.2K views

PDF is accessible worldwide because it's compatible with all kinds of devices. This is the most secure file format with a lot of high-tech features. PDF comes in a variety of page Size. In case you would like to resize your page size because you have research in the form of PDF, but the images are not aligned correctly. Most probably, 95% of people will not visit or stop reading your document if the image is not well-sized. Images without the correct dimensions can disrupt the entire document.

There can be multiple reasons you need to resize your PDF document if you want to know how to resize PDF document instantly. Here we’ll discuss the most effective and secure methods to resize PDF documents without sacrificing content quality.

How to Resize PDF Format Using WPS Office for Free

WPS Office is an all-in-one PDF file-sharing tool that helps businesses of all sizes to create, edit, and share documents and spreadsheets with team members. It allows you to convert word documents into PDF files, compress file sizes, add comments, etc.

Steps on how to resize PDF for free are as follows:


Open the PDF file you want to resize in the WPS office.


Once you open the PDF document, Click on the "Page" option at the top of the screen and select the "Page Size" option. You will see a popup menu as you click on the page size option.



In this popup, you can set the page by standard page size or adjust it yourself by clicking on the custom radio button.


How To Resize Pdf Online Using Sejda Tool

Sejda is a free online tool to convert and resize your PDF format. It can change PDF size by adding margin and paddings.

Follow these steps to resize PDF files:


Go to the browser and Search "sejda tool for page resize."


Inside the Sejda tool, Click on the "Upload PDF files "option and select the PDF document from local storage.



You will see two options, one is to add margin and padding, and the second is to change page size. Select the "Change Page Size" option.



Once you click on the "Change Page Size option," you will see different page sizes. Select one according to your need.



Both tools are adequate for page resizing, But the WPS office is the best one because it offers many more features such as editing, managing, and converting documents to enhance productivity. Download it enjoy!

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