How to Sign PDF for Free in 2022: Best Online & Offline Methods

July 31, 20231.0K views

PDF is the most secure file format accessible worldwide because it’s compatible with all devices. Digital signatures are the most reliable document approval option available to organizations. In the United States, a digital signature is required in certain circumstances. It ensures the security of documents and eliminates the possibility of tampering.

Most businesses use PDFs for contracts, invoices, and receipts. So, signing your documents before sending them to clients and partners is necessary. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to sign PDF for free.

How to Sign PDF Offline Using the WPS Office

WPS Office is a multifunctional software suite that is available for free. Steps on how to sign PDF for free using WPS office are as follows:


Open the PDF document in the “WPS office.”


Inside the WPS office, Click on the “fill & sign” option on the right. It will open the “fill & sign” properties at the top.



Click on the “Sign” option at the top and select the “Create Signature“ option.



Once you click on the “Create Signature option,” A popup will appear on the screen. Here you can see three options: text, image, and draw. Choose anyone to create a signature and click “OK .”Drag your mouse to adjust the signature on the document.


How to Sign PDF Online Using Microsoft Edge

It’s the default browser for Windows 10 devices. Using Microsoft Edge, you can make some changes to the documents, like adding text and signature more professionally.

Follow these steps to sign PDF for free.


Find your PDF file, right-click on it and open it using Microsoft Edge.


Once the document is open in Microsoft Edge, click on the “Draw Icon” at the top of the screen (look like a pencil).



Use your cursor to sign the PDF, then Save the Document.

Final Words

Signing your PDF documents is essential because it protects the integrity of documents and approves the PDF data. Signatures can be visible or invisible. Multiple methods exist to create a PDF signature, but we recommend the WPS office.

WPS Office is a lightweight, comprehensive, and feature-rich professional office software. WPS Office allows users to edit, create, resize and convert documents to enhance work productivity. It’s highly adapted for all types of files. Download it now to enjoy all features for free

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